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Byron Cook's Record

Texans deserve better than career campaign conservatives who vote like tax and spend liberals once they’re in Austin. Here’s their voting record they don’t want or expect YOU to see.

Byron Cook's Record as a State Legislator

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Four noteworthy examples from the Fiscal Responsibility Index of Byron Cook’s failing record from the 84th Legislative Session:

Byron Cook

  • Voted to expand welfare benefits to felons

    (HB 1267)

  • Supported tax-funded lobbying

    (HB 2037)

  • Gave tax-funded handouts to Hollywood filmmakers

    (Motion to Table Amendment 33 by Rinaldi)

  • Opposed defunding state-run Commission on the Arts

    (HB 1, Motion to Table Amendment 7 by D. Miller)

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Governor Greg Abbott had high hopes for landmark ethics reform for the 84th legislature after declaring it an “emergency item” in his State of the State speech at the beginning of session.

“Passed unanimously out of the Senate… [Senate Bill 19] would have, amongst other reforms:

However, he did not expect to have bipartisan ethics reform sabotaged by fellow Republican Byron Cook. Cook used his power as Chairman of the House State Affairs Committee to contaminate the legislation by loading the bill with "unconstitutional measures directed at the free speech of citizens.”

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