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Texans deserve better than politicians who campaign as conservatives at home, but legislate like liberals in Austin. They deserve to know the true record of their elected officials!

Byron Cook's record as a State Legislator

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Four noteworthy examples from the Fiscal Responsibility Index of Byron Cook’s failing record from the 83rd Legislative Session:

Byron Cook

  • Supported Obamacare's Medicaid expansion

    (SB1, Amendment 51, RV161)

  • Enabled political intimidation of conservatives

    (SB346, RV811)

  • Voted to increase legislators' pensions

    (SB1 House-Senate conference report, RV1336)

  • Put arts programs ahead of firefighters

    (SB1, Amendment 20, RV175)

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As one of moderate Speaker Straus’ top lieutenants, Byron Cook holds a powerful chairmanship over the House State Affairs Committee.

Doing everything he could to stifle conservative reforms this session, Cook went to work behind-the-scenes to stall a common-sense bi-partisan transparency bill that would have required legislators to disclose contracts they (or their families and businesses) enter into with government entities.

Mr. Cook gave the bill a token hearing early in the legislative session, only to sit on it for months until he knew it had no chance it onto the House floor for a vote.

Why is Byron Cook so afraid of being transparent with taxpayers?

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